Box Box F1 Pod

French GP Review F1 2022

July 25, 2022 Box Box F1 Pod Season 2 Episode 77
Box Box F1 Pod
French GP Review F1 2022
Show Notes

Post French GP should be all croissants, sunshine, and bucket hat bliss. Instead, I can’t stop thinking about how Ferrari is just a big dummy…oui oui? Ferrari may have been a BNOT (big name on track) today, but we’ve got plenty more to discuss. Let’s un-box box the French GP!

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  • Race Rhyme
    • The French GP in 2 mins!
  • Analysis
    • Quali
    • Race
      • Start
      • Charles Leclerc & Max
      • Charles Leclerc DNF
      • Safety car
      • Carlos Sainz
      • Checo Perez & George Russell
      • Post-race
      • Results
        • Driver of the Day – Carlos Sainz, no doubt
        • Dick in the Box Box – Ferrari (also no doubt)
      • Standings
      • Next week: The Hungarian GP!

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